Safe and reliable MRI scans

Driven by our expertise and innovation capabilities, we help you ensure safe MRI scans and increase confidence in your diagnostics

Protect your workers and patients

Our specialists help you comply with regulations to ensure a safe MRI environment for your workers, through specially designed training sessions. Taking care of your implanted patients – despite the unique challenges it brings – has never been easier, thanks to our experts’ knowledge!

ur organization’s safety through tailored training Complying

Complying with regulation while optimizing MRI safety in every aspect is possible: to this end, our experts provide an in-depth training for your designed MRI Safety supervisor in your organisation. Additionally, unique tools such as an incident report platform are proposed, both for workers and patients

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with innovative quality control methods

For more reliable MRI scans, our team helps you assess your machine’s global operation, including magnetic field measurement, signal analysis and image distortion. You will also benefit from innovative tools dedicated to systematic image correction and protocol optimisation for specific applications (patented technology).

Tailored R&D for your applications through our Research Unit

Led by our scientific and technical expertise, we propose solutions and services to meet your industrial needs, such as validating and assessing the safety of medical devices in MRI.

ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) safety

Our expert team can also help you stay compliant with EMF workers regulations for various industries (medical domain, transportation, nuclear facilities…)